So what is the Best Camouflage Makeup for you?

When choosing the right camouflage makeup for you, you should consider several important factors. Firstly, you need to decide what it is that you want to achieve with your camouflage make-up. Are you trying to conceal a tattoo? Disguise a scar? Or are you looking for a long term solution that could replace the need for surgery? Once you have made your decision you can select which type of camouflage makeup it is that you will need.

Whichever type of camouflage makeup you choose, you will then need to find a shade that mimics your own natural skin tone. This can be done by either choosing from the many different shades that are available to purchase, or by opting to create your own unique blend by combining two separate shades. Remember that with all camouflage makeup, you want to achieve as much of a natural look as possible.

What is Army Camouflage Makeup?

In comparison to the camouflage makeup that is used to conceal skin imperfections, army camouflage makeup is used by people (usually in the army) who wish to blend in with their surroundings. To ensure that the army camouflage makeup is being used effectively, you should make sure that it has been applied to the high points of your face. This would mean your nose, forehead, and cheeks. Also, to make removal of your camouflage makeup easier, you can apply a thin layer of baby oil or a similar lotion to your skin, as this will help to save you valuable time later on. Army camouflage makeup can be quite resilient and is usually waterproof, which helps to keep the makeup fixed in place.

Waterproof Camouflage Makeup Keeps Your Makeup Smudge-Free, All Day Long!

With waterproof camouflage makeup, you can remain confident all day knowing that your skin has complete coverage no matter what the day decides to throw at you!

Being resilient to water, as well as smudge proof, waterproof camouflage makeup lets you live your life how you were too scared to live it before – whether you go swimming, or get sweaty playing your favourite sport, you can relax in the knowledge that your waterproof camouflage makeup will not let you down!